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You spend so much time, effort, and money to get your teeth white, why not use teeth wipes between brushing to help maintain your whitening results. 

We all know foods and drinks can stain your teeth, by using stain prevention teeth wipes between brushing, you will be removing any staining agent from your teeth, while leaving your mouth feeling fresh. 


Each finger wipe is individually packaged, making them easy for on the go, just put them in your purse, wallet or pocket. No sink or water is needed to brighten your smile, and leave your mouth feeing fresh and minty clean. 



  • Tear open package, place finger wipe on finger blue side on pad of finger
  • Wipe surface of teeth with finger wipe to remove any stain causing debris or film. 
  • When done, discard finger wipe in the trash


Size: One finger wipe per individual package. 

Stain Prevention Teeth Wipes - Pack of 50

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