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My teeth are so white now!!! And I'm not quite sure how because I drink a lot of coffee and enjoy myself some red wine  Seriously, I look like a girl in a Colgate commercial thanks to Boon (the owner and operator). Such a cool, nice guy - he made the process fast and fun and PAINLESS! What he uses is medical grade, yet gentle enough it didn't cause sensitivity. It's all natural ingredients too! I've tried a lot of whitening treatments from Zoom at a cosmetic dentist, to bleach trays to whitening strips...nothing works this good, and minus the pain (major bonus!) I don't even need to tell you, just look at my pic...



Thank you so much for introducing me to your amazing product. First dental whitening system that has no caused any teeth sensitivity. Being a cosmetic dentist, I have tried many professional whitening products and not be able to tolerate the sensitivity it causes. The results are immediate, friendly staff and solid product. Great job!!!

Dr. Lee

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